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Official support for HDYO arrives from Germany

March 27, 2012

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

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27 March 2012

German Logo

HDYO received the wonderful news this week that Deutsche Huntington-Hilfe, the German HD Association, has decided to provide their official support for HDYO. Their official support means HDYO now has 8 HD Associations supporting our cause since launching in February 2012. Duetsche Huntington-Hilfe has also provided a contribution to HDYO's financial budget for 2012 - which will allow HDYO to continue providing educational information and support to young people impacted by HD worldwide.

The HDYO website and content will be available in German in the next few months after some wonderful translation work by HDYO's German Translator Team who have worked tirelessly to get all the translations done in time.

We look forward to having HDYO available in German and continuing to collaborate with Deutsche Huntington-Hilfe in the future.

Matt, News Update Reporter, HDYO

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