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HDYO Interview Project: Parents and children from England wanted

May 24, 2012

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

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24 May 2012

HDYO is planning to do a series of interviews with parents and their children on the topic of 'talking to kids about HD'. We intend to interview both parent and child at the same time and hear firstly how the parent initially discussed HD with the child (what approach they used) and then go on to explore things such as what both parent and child thought of that discussion, how the parent felt before and after the chat, how the child felt, have there been more discussions since that first chat, what have the implications been since the discussion and whether there is anything either parent or child would have (or would have liked) done differently.

The aim of the project is to be a really useful resource for families and give them insight into not just how to go about discussing HD but also highlight how being open about discussing HD can at times be a beneficial approach for everyone involved.

We plan to conduct the interviews on Saturday 23rd June in Liverpool, England at HDA Head Office. We are looking for parents and children (who may now be adults themselves) in England or Wales to participate in the project. HDYO will pay for travel expenses and keep you well fed & watered on the day. Interested participants are urged to contact Matt, the HDYO project coordinator at matt@hdyo.org for further details.

Matt, News Update Reporter, HDYO

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