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HDYO confirms youth service partnership with HDAs in both Ireland & Northern Ireland

September 23, 2012

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

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23 September 2012


Team HDYO recently went over to Belfast to speak about HDYO at a HD conference in Northern Ireland. Additional to this there was a meeting held between the HDAs in Ireland, Northern Ireland (NI) and HDYO to discuss the creation of a youth service for young people in both regions impacted by HD. Both the HDAs in Ireland and NI are keen to develop a youth service and are working together to achieve this goal. They have both asked for HDYO to get involved and help with the progression of the project and to support young people in Ireland & NI to shape their own youth service.

We were of course absolutely delighted to be invited to help with such a wonderful project to help improve support for young people impacted by HD. One of the main reasons HDYO was set up was because we felt HDYO could collaborate with the HD Associations and work with them to improve their youth services. So to be working with both Ireland and NI on this wonderful project is a really promising sign for HDYO and for young people in general.

We are honoured to be working with two committed HDAs on this project. Check back for further updates on how things progress in Ireland & NI.

Matt, News Update Reporter, HDYO

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