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Michelle's Poetry 4 HD Project – your HD poems wanted!

June 12, 2013

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

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12 June 2013

Michelle from Canada is creating a poetry book for HD and is looking to fill the book with poems from different people from around the world who are impacted by HD. See her message below and if you feel like getting involved, you can send your poem to the email address as the bottom!

“It is undeniable that poetry is a most powerful and profound medium of human expression. The psychological content found in poems goes beyond which is ordinarily found in conventional, scientific inquiry. Writing poetry is an invaluable means of self-expression, permitting the writer a voice for their most private life. In addition to finding voice, there is also the element of being heard. Writing poetry can be a therapeutic activity providing growth, which can be an empowering experience to the writer, and produce healing. All facilitated by the imagination.

Inspired by the collection of stories, essays, poems, and quotes of those who are in some way connected to Huntington's Disease (HD), in the 1998 book Faces of Huntington's by Carmen-Lea Pock, I would like to create an updated version of HD poetry.

The book will be comprised of poems from people around the world relating to HD in one way or another - any age, any context. You do not have to be a self-proclaimed or published poet. Maybe you have never even tried writing poetry before.

I am myself a young person relating with HD. I am pursuing my Master’s in neuroscience, specializing in HD research in Vancouver Canada. I also sit on the Board of Directors for the Huntington Society of Canada, Vancouver Chapter. I am also a member of YPAHD (Young People Affected by HD) and HDYO (HD Youth Organization). I believe this will turn out to be very inspiring to many and hopefully provide that much more awareness about how HD affects our lives.

Let the intimate feelings and thoughts pour out of you onto paper.

Thank you!

Michelle Muller

All entries will be translated to English (They can be in Native language but please have the English translation so you can be sure it translated properly – email if need help with this)

Entries and/or questions can be submitted to: poetry4hd@gmail.com

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