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April 20, 2014

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

HDYO has more information about HD available for young people, parents and professionals on our site:


Inspired by the ‘Huntingtin in space project’, HD STAR is one of the SHA’s 25th anniversary awareness raising projects. Would you like to help awareness of HD reach the stars?

On the 17th May SHA will send 500 messages of hope, inspiration and remembrance into orbit in a weather balloon and when it bursts at 25 miles above the earth they will be scattered for hundreds and thousands of miles. Each message will have return information on it so that we can discover just how far our awareness raising reaches!

You can also get involved by joining our search and recovery teams, whose job will be to hunt for the balloon when it floats back to earth on a parachute. This essential job will enable us to recover the two on-board cameras that we hope will capture amazing footage of the Earth from space!

Be part of the first team to recover the balloon. Our video project will create a 5 minute video of the flight and the launch event which will enable us to create a real buzz on social media and it is our hope that the whole project will grab the attention of local and national media enabling us to raise HD awareness. Go to http://www.hdstarscotland.org/send-a-message-to-space/ to get involved!

The more people who get involved the more awareness we will raise together. Would you like to become an HDSTAR? We hope this project will inspire you to find innovative ways to raise awareness about HD and we would love to hear about them! If you would like to get involved, send a message to space or help spread the word contact us on the numbers and e-mail below.

Tel: 0141 848 0308

E-mail: sha-admin@hdscotland.org

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