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HDYO Hot Seat with Marica

August 30, 2015

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

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August 30, 2015


Join us as we catch up with Marica, one of HDYO’s translators, in the HDYO Hot Seat! Marica practically got HDYO into Italian by herself with some amazing volunteer effort. We’re proud to have her on our team!

Name: Marica Stefani

Age: 24

Role at HDYO: Italian Translator

1 If you could have one drink for this interview, what would you drink?

Marica: Mohito

2 Tell us what you do as a volunteer for HDYO?

Marica: I help translate the HDYO site in to italian

3 What have you enjoyed most about this summer so far? And why?

Marica: Going to the swimming pool, mountain or at sea. Because it’s refreshing

4 Who/what has influenced you most in your life?

Marica: Sport, my girlfriend, my friends and family

5 How would you describe yourself?

Marica: I’m a nice , kind and friendly person

6 What would we find you doing when you’re not volunteering for HDYO?

Marica: You can find me playing soccer or as a volunteer in a day center for disabled people, or walking with my girlfriend

7 What three items would you take to a deserted island and why?

Marica: A fruit, to survive; a radio to listen music and a ball to spend time

8 What made you get involved with HDYO and how did you get started?

Marica: I wrote on HDYO forum and Matt contacted myself to ask if I would help with translations

9 What is your favorite food and also what is the cultural food at home?

Marica: My favorite food is pasta alla carbonara and the cultural food at home is Spaghetti with tomato

10 Where did you grow up? Tell us something ineteresting about the place.

Marica: I grew up near Milan,in Italy . The thing I like most are : Duomo, Castello Sforzesco, food and my favorite Basketball team (Olimpia Milano) that won the championship last year


11 What is your connection to HD and how has it changed you as a person?

Marica: My mum and my grandma had HD, my grandma died before I was born. My mum got worse when I was 9 years old and so I can’t remeber her without any symptoms and she passed away a few years ago. I discovered I was positive when I was 21, so 4 years ago. But my life didn’t change : I do the same things I did before also because I trust about the research and I think it’s pointless to get worried before symptoms appear.

12 What is your favourite movie of all time?

Marica: Coach Carter, a basket and educational movie

13 Do you have any interesting habits you would like to share?

Marica: Playing soccer, basket , read book, listen music

14 What is your message to young people impacted by huntington's disease?

Marica: Don’t give up and be confident in research and yourself

Erlend Ravna
News Team Reporter


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