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Anxiety about possible symptoms

United States of America

My grandmother was diagnosed with HD two years ago and my mother just tested positive with a low amount of repeats but this still puts me and my siblings at risk. I am fourteen, and I know because of my mother's low counts it is unlikely I would develop the disease so early in life but I am becoming more and more anxious every day. I keep forgetting my thoughts, and forgetting what I was about to say. I find myself saying "what was I going to say" over and over again all day. I hear things that I know that I recognize from somewhere but not being able to remember where and catch myself losing my train of thought more and more often. I can't focus as well reading novels for school and feel like I'm just not remembering things. Does this sound like I am possibly symptomatic, or just anxious and worried about developing the disease? I currently have no other physical symptoms.

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Hey Sam!

Welcome to HDYO. You are very brave for sharing your story. It sounds like it has been a stressful two years. A great resource that you should read is the Symptom Hunting Section of this Article:

When I have tough days I do a checklist focusing on self care aspects like eating and sleeping right or stress. I would suggest that you focus on doing things that you enjoy! If you are concerned I would suggest talking to someone in the field about any questions that you have!

Hope this helps!