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Reaching Out

Young adults

Hey everyone, My name is Tiffani, I am 27yrs old and I am going through some rather tough times. I have created this profile in order to reach out to those who can help, in any way. I am awaiting my H/D genetics test, and have no real support network.
Please, if you have the time read through my profile as it goes into more depth and context.
Any help will be appreciated immensely, whether it be monetary or moral support, all is equally as helpful at this point in time. thank you :)

Things happen for a reason
Young adults Forum support

Hey Tiffany,

Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like things are pretty tough right now. Have you thought about joining at a local chapter? They may be able to provide you with direct support for all the questions you have.

You are very brave to go through the testing without support. Do you have any questions about HD that I could direct you to resources for?