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Hi, I`m Rolle from Sweden and new on this forum. Yesterday my wife was informed by her doctor that she has the gene. For now we are just trying to cope with this terrible situation, we just trying to find out how to get along with our lives. As far as we know my wife not yet has any symtoms but it is only a matter of time. We have two underage children and it is hard to live with the fact that they also might have HD.

best regards

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Hi Rolle,

Welcome to the HDYO website. How did you hear about us? It sounds like you and your wife may need to seek some counselling to help you get through this time. Are you aware of any in the area? You also mentioned you have children, and we have a section called ‘Parents’ which you can access here: There are lots of great resources for the two of you on this website :). Try to stay positive and in the present moment. It takes time to adjust to the diagnosis, whether positive or negative, but you will. Have either of you tried meditating? I find it quite relaxing, and it helps me stay present and not get too anxious about the future. I really like the ‘Headspace’ app/website. Check it out at:

Hang in there!