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Writing a screenplay about HD

United Kingdom

sunglassesHi guys,

I am currently writing a screenplay about HD, it will not be based on a character I have made up and I am aiming to make it as accurate as possible.
I am just looking to ask you a few questions.

What issues do you feel I should highlight? (e.g testing, emotions)

Are there people I should mention? I have mentioned Woody Guthrie in the screenplay, and even hope to use one of his songs.

Do you feel more should be done to make people aware of HD? I am doing this screenplay with the goal of making more people aware, once it is complete (it has a long way to go) then I will be sending it away to the BBC and any other screenplay competitions out there.

All the best,
and thanks for reading. smile

United States of America
Young adults

My dad has Huntington's and I know quite a bit about it. If you have any questions for your screenplay my email is I also would love to hear more about