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I think you should try to understand a person with jhd more then think you know it already, if you think you know it forget it and relearn it from them. They're different people and sometimes actions hurt worst when they're repetitive

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Hi Faith in JHD,

Welcome to the HDYO forum, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You seem to be very passionate about people understanding individuals with JHD, which is great. I don’t think JHD gets enough awareness. If you don’t mind sharing, what is your connection to JHD?

You mention people with JHD are different. I would agree with you about that statement. Do you know of anywhere to go to get more information on the topic? We have a section on the HDYO website ( that is dedicated to JHD! This would be a great resource for informative and relevant information and to help spread awareness to friends, family, etc. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.