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Ask question 3Ask a question about JHDJ38323832 people shared this0 comments

Welcome to the Juvenile Huntington’s disease area in the ‘ask a question’ section. Do you have any questions about Juvenile Huntington’s disease that you’ve always wondered about? Well here’s your chance because HDYO has gathered a panel of Huntington’s disease experts to answer any questions you may have.

Feel free to send any questions you have using the form below and we will forward it to who we feel is the appropriate expert to answer your question. You are asked to provide a name, age, country and email address. We would appreciate it if you gave your correct age, location and email address. However, you do not need to give your real name if you don’t want to. Only the name, age and location you provided will be shown on this page, your email will remain private.

We try to answer all questions as quickly as possible. Once a question has been answered it will be available to view in this section and - if you provided an email address - we will forward the answer to your email address.

Please be aware that this area is for questions from those wanting to know more about JHD, some of these Q&As may not be appropriate for all ages.

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How long does a child have after being diagnosed with HD?J173173 people shared this0 comments

How long does a child have after being diagnosed with HD?


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How can I help my son's balance?J681681 people shared this0 comments

Q. My son is 20, he has JHD. He is developing problems with balance and falls. Will physical therapy help with balance? Any medications that are effective with JHD and balance? Anything available to help wth Symptoms of JHD?

Laura, Adult, USA

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My mom had JHD, I'm 16 and don't have symptoms, could I still have it?J392392 people shared this0 comments

Q. If my mom had Juvenile Huntington’s Disease, and I am now 16 and have not had any symptoms of Juvenile Huntington’s Disease, does that mean I do not carry the disease at all or can I still develop the disease at the older age?

Victor, Teen, USA

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Can any drugs help my nephew with JHD?J935935 people shared this0 comments

Q. I have a 10 year old nephew that has HD, he is in the Hospital, intubated, he is feeling a lot of pain and the doctors are giving him medication to control de pain and the convulsions. Are there any drugs that can help him?


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My dad had JHD, should I see a doctor?TJ19051905 people shared this0 comments

Q. My dad developed juvenile hd in high school at 35 years old over three years ago. Currently I am 17 and I have slurred speech, sometimes even I can’t understand what I’m saying, my family constantly asks me to repeat myself, over and over… do you think I’m showing enough signs to go see a doctor or is it just me being paranoid?


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What's life like for a parent whose kid has HD?J11111111 people shared this0 comments

What is life like for a parent whose child has Huntington’s disease? How can I find more information and get help?


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What are the chances of getting JHD?J15141514 people shared this0 comments

Everyone at risk of HD has a 50% chance of getting it but how do I know what my chances of getting JHD?


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My big brother has JHDJ23142314 people shared this0 comments

My big brother has jhd will that mean I will to?

Seth, 13, America

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Is JHD common?J17841784 people shared this0 comments

Is JHD common? I am worried that my at risk children may get JHD, their mom has recently been diagnosed with HD. She’s only 34 yrs old. Should I be worried?

David, 36, USA

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The panel of expertsKTYPJP91639163 people shared this0 comments

Who are the experts? Find out about our panel of experts here!

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