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HDA England & Wales kids camps 2011

January 14, 2012

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

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HDA England & Wales kids camps 2011

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Every year in the summer holidays the HDA for England and Wales has summer camps in Mepal, the New Forest and Kielder. These are weekend camps for children aged 9 to 16. It’s a chance to get away, make some friends and do some activities the kids might not have done before. In total, around 50 young people attended the HDA camps this year (2011)!

The kids had the opportunity to get away from their home environments and enjoy an array of activities, some fresh air, sun, and the pool tables of course.

‘I loved the HDA summer camp, we did climbing, abseiling and canoeing. My favourite things were swimming with a view of the forest, the zip line and the King swing. We even had a go at the velcro Olympics, where you wear a velcro suit and get stuck to a bouncy castle obstacle course. There was even a pool table that we spent ages on too.’

There was also an opportunity for the kids to show-off their fabulous acting skills, with their very own production.

HD Fundraising events

‘We finished the evening with drama; an outdoor production, written and directed in house. A fast moving thriller with ghosts gliding across stage and gangsters doing their gangster bit. By the end we had more dead bodies on stage than Macbeth. Well done everyone!’

Sounds like my kind of play… Anyway, when it came for everyone to leave there were tears. Especially for the elder teens in the groups, whose camp it was their last. But something tells me they may turn up next year, just by coincidence!

‘On that point we need to say a sad 'goodbye’ to some of the Campers who have been coming to Camp for many years and are now too old to continue joining us. We shall all miss you. They have told me that they intend to come camping at Avon Tyrell campsite independently on the same weekend next year just so that they can feel part of Camp again. We are also looking forward to seeing them at the Youth Conference in March 2012.‘

Indeed, for those growing out of the camp, the HDA’s youth conference awaits with welcome arms! All three camps proved to be a big success and the kids enjoyed themselves, it is needless to say everybody is looking forward to summer 2012, for some more fun in the sun (probably… it may rain, it is England after all)!

If you are in England or Wales and would like to either take part in a kids camp yourself, or know some keen youngsters that would like to take part, then you can contact the HDA and request a booking form. HDYO would like to thank the HDA for sharing their 2011 camp experiences.