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Welcome to the kids area in the ‘ask a question’ section. Do you have any questions about Huntington’s disease? Well here’s your chance because HDYO has gathered a panel of Huntington’s disease experts to answer any questions you may have.

You can send any questions you have using the form below and we will forward it to who we feel is the best expert to answer your question. You are asked to provide a name, age, country and email address. We would appreciate it if you gave your correct age, location and email address. However, you do not need to give your real name if you don’t want to. Only the name, age and location you provided will be shown on this page, your email will remain private.

We try to answer all questions as quickly as possible. Once a question has been answered it will be available to view in this section, and if you provided an email address we will forward the answer to that email address.

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My friends don't understand the impact of HDK

Why when I try mention HD to my friends do they not understand me, or understand how much of an impact it makes on my life?

Ella, Child, UK

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Why does it effect people so much?K

Why does it effect people so much?


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Why don’t people know about HD?K

Why don’t people know about HD?

Zoe, Child, England

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Are people in pain when they have HD?K

Are people in pain when they have hd

Blaze, Child, USA

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How does HD affect a person?K

How does HD affect a person?

Luke, Kid, UK

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Can you find Huntington disease in women?K

Q. Also in women can you find Huntington disease?

Anonymous, Child, Spain

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Why do hd people wobble?K

Q. Why do hd people wobble

Anonymous, Child

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Money and HDK

Q. What are the possible financial impacts to parents?

Justine, Kid, Australia

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How do you get HD without your ancestors having it?K

Q. How do people get HD if none of their ancestors had or have it?

Maddie, 11, USA

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How do you get HD?K

Q. How do you get this condition?

Chantal, 8, Netherlands

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What do I do when someone gets angry?K

Q. What to do when someone is getting angry for no reason and starts shouting abuse?

Kerhys, 9, UK

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At how old can you get tested for this disease?K

At how old can you get tested for this disease?

Hannah, 10, USA

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How can we stop these diseases?K

How can we stop these various diseases?


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HD, moving house, stress, facebook, cures and carersK

We just moved a few months ago. Is this putting more stress on my mom with h.d more than me? 2. My mom has HD she is addicted to Facebook, will her addiction go away? 3. Are they close to finding a cure for HD? 4. What is a carer?


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How can I help my auntie?K

Is there any thing i can do to help my auntie who has Huntington’s? She’s in a care home

Emma, 11, England

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My dad has HDK

My dad has just got HD will he be ok?

Ross, 10, USA

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The panel of expertsKTYPJP

Who are the experts? Find out about our panel of experts here!

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