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Book talking with kids about hdTalking with Kids about HDYPP32553255 people shared this0 commentsHDSA This handbook provides examples of conversation starters and resources that exist to help parents and other caring adults navigate the path of discussing HD with children, youth, teens, and young adults, as well as with school officials. There is also a special chapter devoted to Juvenile Onset Huntington's disease (JHD).This is a useful book for parents/guardians of children impacted by HD. For more information on this book, or to order it, go to the HDSA website Find out more...
Book talking to kidsTalking to kids about Huntington's DiseasePP80808080 people shared this0 commentsDr Bonnie Hennig-Trestman Talking to Kids About Huntington's Disease is a book designed for parents and family members who have a loved one affected by Huntington's Disease (HD). The book contains practical information on why and how to talk to children about HD. It outlines the differences in kids' ages and developmental stages and includes many examples. This book is a wonderful resource to family members as a teaching tool and will enable families to feel more comfortable and confident in dealing with this topicFind out more and buy the book at Amazon Kindle… Find out more...