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HDA's Juvenile HD Weekend 2011

December 27, 2011

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

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HDA's Juvenile HD Weekend 2011

HD Fundraising events

The HDA held what was their seventh JHD Family Weekend. This year it was at the Calvert Trust in the Lake District again from the 3rd - 5th June 2011, and was as successful as previous years. There were quite a few new families come for the first time this year, and so it was great to welcome them, as well as seeing all the families that have been before. This year was the biggest family week end the HDA had held so far!

The Calvert Trust has some great activities, including horse-riding, canoeing, sailing, archery, swimming and rock climbing, so there is something for everyone and for every type of weather! They also opened a new swimming pool this year, which has lots of special additions - it was really enjoyed by those who went in and you really have to see it to believe it!

As is now becoming tradition, there was a themed party on the Saturday night - Bollywood! For those who wanted to, everyone was able to dress up in various things, very kindly provided by one of the families that come regularly to the weekend. Everyone looked great! We were even treated to some fantastic Indian music and drumming - thanks again to the same family - which even got lots of us up and dancing! A memorable evening!

HD Fundraising events

The purpose of the weekend is to give young people with HD and their families an opportunity to meet other people in a similar situation, whilst also having a great weekend full of exciting activities! The weekend is also an opportunity for families to find out more about JHD, both from other parents and professionals.

It was once again a huge success, full credit to the HDA for running the JHD weekend. It is a valuable source of support for many JHD families in England & Wales. For those wanting to learn more about the JHD weekend, you may contact the HDA. HDYO would like to thank the HDA for their help in putting this section together.