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HDBuzz Research UpdatesTYPJP96589658 people shared this0 comments HDBuzz is a website that launched in 2011, which provides the latest Huntington’s disease research in an easy to understand language for the global Huntington’s disease community. It is written by scientists, who take complicated science jargon and convert it into easy to understand research articles. Huntington’s disease research has never been so easy to learn about, check out the latest articles below!<div id="hdbuzz_headlines"> <noscript>Javascript is required for the HDBuzz feed</noscript> <img src="" alt="HDBuzz content loading" /> <script...Find out more...
HDBuzz InterviewTYPJP38793879 people shared this0 commentsHDBuzz is a fantastic website that launched in January 2011. We had a chance to interview Dr Ed Wild, a co-creator of HDBuzz. We thank the Scottish Huntington's Association for allowing HDYO to use and expand on this interview.What is HDBuzz? Ed: HDBuzz is a new internet portal for bringing the latest news in HD research to the people who need it most - people from HD families, people with the HD gene, people at risk and their friends and relatives. It's run and written by scientists working on HD, in plain language we hope everyone will understand. We believe that knowledge is power, and...Find out more...