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Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

HDA in Northern Ireland provides official support for HDYO!

HDYO has more information about HD available for young people, parents and professionals on our site:

22 September 2012


We are delighted to announce that the HDA in Northern Ireland has been in contact and provided a financial contribution to HDYO as part of becoming an official supporter of our cause. The HDA in NI become the 11th HDA around the world to officially support HDYO.

The support of the HDA in Northern Ireland came as members of Team HDYO went over to Belfast to speak about HDYO at a HD conference in Northern Ireland. There were several young people at the event and all of them were wearing their HDYO t-shirts for the HDYO talk! How awesome is that!

Matt, News Update Reporter, HDYO

Last updated: September 22, 2012 10:00