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HDYO Heroes

January 25, 2019

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

HDYO has more information about HD available for young people, parents and professionals on our site:


HDYO Heroes

Want to help spread awareness of HD?

Join the HDYO Heroes Program

HDYO Heroes

We invite you to join the HDYO Heroes Program and contribute your time, energy or creativity in a way that works for you to help spread awareness of HD! Below you will find different Hero Challenges to complete. If you finish all the missions for a particular challenge then you will receive a HDYO gift along with a certificate as a reward and to recognize your efforts! You can track your progress below and once you complete a challenge you can request your rewards!

There’s a special reward for anybody who manages to complete all challenges available to you.

Signing-up for HDYO Heroes

HDYO Heroes


Some missions are designed for those over 18 (any in blue!) so if you are younger than 18 you don’t need to do those ones in order to complete that challenge and claim your reward.

You don’t have to complete the challenges in order. For example, you could skip challenge 1 and jump to challenge 3 if you wish. It’s completely up to you! :)

Also, if you are too young to use social media yourself you can complete the social media missions by asking a parent/guardian/responsible adult to do them for you!

Hero Challenge 1: HDYO Soldier

Reward: Shout-out on our social media as a thank you!

HDYO Heroes

  • Like our Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter pages!
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel
  • Share, like or retweet a post from our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages #HDYOsoldier
  • Invite your friends and family to like our social media pages/channels or create accounts on our website
  • Create an account on our HDYO website to sign up for the HDYO newsletter

Hero Challenge 2: Voice of HD

Reward: Social media shout-out and highlighted in our newsletter!

HDYO Heroes

  • Share HDYO’s What is HD? video on your social media #voiceofHD
  • Request some What is HD Brochures from us at HDYO and put them in your school, work, religious building, community center or at any HD events in your local area!
  • Share 5 of HDYO’s social media postings to make a voice and spread awareness amongst your friends and family #voiceofHD
  • Look for an opportunity to give a what is HD? talk at your local school, university, religious building, community group, etc. Need help with the presentation? Contact us, we have one ready made for you!
  • Do something creative to raise awareness of HD #voiceofHD
  • Contact your local media, school newsletter or HDYO’s newsletter/blog and offer to share your HD story with us

Hero Challenge 3: HDYO Champion

Reward: HDYO Wristband and mention in our newsletter

HDYO Heroes

  • Request some HDYO brochures from us and put them everywhere you go – from your school to doctor offices, HD clinic/support group and religious building!
  • Do something creative to raise awareness of HDYO and send the picture/it to us via social media! #HDYOChampion
  • Present about HDYO at school/college, work, HD support group, any HD event etc. Contact us for a presentation if you need one!
  • Share your favorite HDYO video or educational section from our website on your social media! #HDYOChampion
  • Contact us to join our list to staff the HDYO table at any conference or medical meetings near you

Hero Challenge 4: Fundraising Superhero

Reward: Shout out in HDYO’s regular newsletter and HDYO T-shirt!

You only need to complete one of the following to achieve this level!

HDYO Heroes

  • Donate $30 to HDYO and help us support more young people impacted by HD around the world, you may ask your family and friends to donate too and help you reach this total
  • Set up a fundraising event for HDYO to raise much needed funds and awareness! Not sure what event to create? Contact us there are so many choices such as bake sales, book sales, sporting events, social media campaigns!
  • Set up a donation request on Facebook to raise funds for HDYO!
  • Take part in a challenge event such as a marathon, race, swim, cycle etc. and raise funds for HDYO as well as having fun and keeping fit!

Hero Challenge 5: Real-life hero

Reward: Research participation HDYO T-shirt and a mention in our newsletter

You only need to complete one of the following to achieve this level!

HDYO Heroes

  • Contact your local HD Clinic and find out if there are any studies you can participate in to support HD research
  • Participate in the Enroll-HD research study to help progress HD research – send your picture into us!
  • Take part in any HD research study – send your picture into us!