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Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

European Youth Camp 2010 - Sweden!

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August, 2010, saw the return of the European youth camp, only this time instead of Scotland, it was in Sweden! The camp was a week long, and there were around 30 young people from several different European countries in attendance.

Day one was spent doing team-building exercises in order to get to know each other. We also got split in to our ‘discovery groups’, which were groups that we would meet each day in and discuss Huntington’s disease. Each group had a camp leader present ready to provide any support required or answer any questions.

Day two was beautiful. We went on a boat trip for most of the day. We passed so many beautiful little islands and stopped off at one of them for lunch. It was pretty much completely deserted, we felt like we were on our own little island! When we got back to camp we had a BBQ to wrap up the night.

HD Fundraising events

Day three was arts and crafts day. We did three different tasks throughout the day which were t-shirt making, creating wood knives and painting. It was an unexpectedly fun day I think for all!

Day four we spent a lot of time talking in our discovery groups. Then at night we went on a night-hike in the woods to see some old ancient drawings that were on the rocks.

On day five we had our very own spa day, which was a hit with the females at the camp! We also held a talent contest of sorts at night, where each country had to perform an act. That was an experience not easily forgotten…

HD Fundraising events

Day six was an educational day, where we had talks and speeches from a few professionals. We also discussed topics such as testing and the implications/worries it creates. It was a hard, but useful day. We finished the camp off with a nice BBQ by the sea, where we sang some songs and had a good time.

Fantastic time!