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Predict-HD studyTYPJP47804780 people shared this0 commentsWhat is the PREDICT-HD study? The PREDICT-HD study is one of the most important research studies currently being undertaken in Huntington's disease research. At the moment, people are typically diagnosed with Huntington's disease once they show recognisable motor symptoms (such as involuntary movements), but doctors and Huntington's disease family members believe that the disease starts to effect people way before they are officially diagnosed. The PREDICT-HD study was set up to find out just how much earlier in life Huntington's disease effects people, and what impact that has on a person....Find out more...
Inside PREDICT-HD: The view of a young personTYPJP39853985 people shared this0 commentsHDYO was contacted by a young person who was working with the PREDICT-HD team and wanted to share her experiences of both being impacted by HD and working in HD research. At HDYO we are always thrilled to share young peoples’ stories and I think you will all agree Jolene has shown great resilience in life and is now tackling HD head-on with great positivity. This is Jolene’s story:Jolene’s HD Story My name is Jolene Luther and I’m a 20-year-old Spanish/pre-med major at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA, USA. I’d like to share my story.My journey with Huntington disease started when I...Find out more...