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HDYO wristband
HDYO wristband HDYO wristband HDYO wristband HDYO wristband

HDYO wristband

HDYO has ordered thousands of these cool, unique, colourful wristbands! The bands contain the distinctive HDYO logo along with the motto ‘For young people, by young people’ in the vibrant HDYO style and colours. Perfect for awareness and a great way for young people, families and professionals to express their support for HDYO or HD in general. The wristbands are free and available at most major HD events, conferences and conventions. However, when ordering online there is a charge of $3 per band which is primarily to cover the costs of postage and packaging.

You can request between 1-7 wristbands in one order. If you want more, perhaps for an event you are involved with, take a look at the pack of 10 wristbands which costs less than ordering individually.