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General HD Websites

  • HOPES - A great site from a group of students at Stanford University, America. This site is full of information about Huntington’s disease, and some cool stuff for kids too. TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
  • HDLF - A site with lots of information on medical and research aspects of Huntington’s disease, along with a forum to ask questions. TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
  • HD free with PGD - A nice site set up by a young woman to provide advice, information and support to those looking/going through PGD. TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
  • Predictive testing for HD - A website with lots of information specifically on predictive testing for Huntington’s disease. TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
  • Independent Swedish HD Site - Information in Swedish about HD TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
  • HD Associations & Organisations

    • EHDN - The Euro-HD Network website, with lots of information about research studies and study sites throughout Europe. TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
    • IHA - The International Huntington’s Association’s website. A worldwide organisation that provides support to Huntington’s Disease Associations. TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
    • CHDI - The Cure Huntington’s Disease Initiative website. The CHDI organisation puts in huge amounts of funds annually to support the search for treatments and a cure for Huntington’s disease. TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
    • HD Foundation - The Huntington’s Disease Foundation have been supporting Huntington’s disease research for many, many years. TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
    • HD Research

      • HDBuzz - A website for people from families affected by Huntington’s disease to learn about the latest research in an easy, understandable manner. TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
      • Predict-HD - The official Predict-HD website, for those interested in getting involved with the research study. TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
      • Enroll-HD - The official website for Enroll HD, a worldwide research study that almost everybody from a family affected by Huntington’s disease can join and participate in. TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
      • HD Science Blog - Nacho is a neuroscientist working to find for Huntington's disease. He blogs regularly about therapies and developments in HD research. TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
      • Huntington's Study Group - HSG: The Huntington's Study Group is a global research group for HD made up of professionals and clinics around the world who conduct studies and trials for HD TeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
      • HD Youth Websites

        • YPAHD - The Huntington’s Society of Canada’s official youth group, where Canadian youth can join up and receive support. KidsTeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
        • Our HD space - A wonderful website created by a young person in Australia to provide support to youth in Australia. KidsTeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
        • NYA - The Huntington’s Disease Society of America’s official youth group, where American youth can join up and receive support. KidsTeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
        • Scottish HD Youth - The Scottish HDA’s youth website KidsTeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals
        • The Peter Earl Association - New charity from NSW, Australia, set-up to support young people impacted by HD KidsTeensYoung adultsParentsJHDProfessionals