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What can I do to help with spilling things and falling?

March 21, 2013

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

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What can I do to help with spilling things and falling?

Q. I recently tested positive for HD. I was wondering if any one has any ideas about how to help with spilling things, and falling? Seriously, considering a sippy cup, :D

Britt, USA

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A. Dear Britt,

Thanks for question & sorry for late reply. As I see it, the first issue was whether or not you were diagnosed as having HD with symptoms or having the gene but not yet having symptoms. This is important as people get the gene at conception but don’t get symptoms until years later.

If your doctor thinks you have definite symptoms of HD then there are a number of things you should consider looking into:

Firstly, chorea (the twitching movements) can contribute to dropping things, clumsiness & falling. Treatment of chorea can sometimes help.

Secondly, seeing a physiotherapist and occupational therapist can also be useful. There are exercises that can improve balance. Sometimes special aids such as special cups can be useful in helping you get around clumsiness.

If your doctor doesn’t think you have definite symptoms of HD then one possibility is that you are stressed and this affecting co-ordination.

Whatever the cause of your dropping things and falling, these are upsetting problems and it would be worthwhile seeing your doctor to get advice and help,