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Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

My husband has bad symptoms

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Q. My husband is an HD carrier, he is impotent, aggressive, nervous, doesn’t like to talk, after the diagnosis he is getting worse, are these symptoms normal, he is being treated in Sarah Hospital since 2013.

Regi, young adult, Brazil

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A. Dear Regi,

Thanks for your email. The symptoms you mention can all happen in people who carry the HD gene but they are also quiet common in other people too. If things have got a lot worse suddenly since the diagnosis then you should consider if there are other problems too. Impotence is not a common problem in HD but can happen in relation to depression or anxiety. It can also happen as a side effect of some medications that are prescribed for HD.

I hope this is useful.

Best wishes

Hugh Rickards

Last updated: January 20, 2014 17:00