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Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

Is there a cure? Is it hereditary?

HDYO has more information about HD available for young people, parents and professionals on our site:

Q. Is there a cure for this disease? Is it hereditary?

Hugh Rickards

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A. Hi Gaston,

Thanks for the question. Huntington disease (HD) is definitely hereditary. If one parent has the illness, then each child has a 50% chance of getting the illness at some time during life. At the moment there is no cure for the disease but lots of different things to do that can really help with the symptoms of HD. This year, for the first time, researchers will be testing a treatment which “switches off” the HD gene in humans. I don’t think this is likely to be a cure but it could delay the illness for a long time.


Hugh Rickards

Last updated: March 26, 2015 15:08