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Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

Is it possible I was tested for HD in the womb?

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Q. Hello,

me and my boyfriend would like to start family planning. My father has HD and so we are concerned about a potential pregnancy.

When my Mum was pregnant with me, she did an amniocentisis because of her higher age. All results were negative.

Now my question: is it possible, that they already tested HD on this amniocentisis so that I don’t have the risk for HD?

Anna, Young Adult, Germany

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A. Dear Anna,

Thank you for contacting HDYO with your question. If there is a family history of HD, it is possible to test an amniocentesis sample for the HD gene, but this would only be done if the couple specifically requests it (after discussion with a Genetic Counsellor/Doctor). The standard tests done for higher maternal age only check for large chromosome anomalies (such as Down syndrome), and do not give any information about single genes.

I hope this helps answer your question, and please do not hesitate to get back in touch if you have any other queries.

All the best,


Last updated: April 23, 2018 19:15