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2nd Youth Conference in Germany – register now!

November 20, 2013

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

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20 November 2013

Young people (aged 18 – 35) from HD families in Germany and their partners are invited to the 2nd Conference especially for young people. It will take place from April 25th - 27th, 2014 in Duderstadt (near Goettingen). The German HD association “Deutsche Huntington-Hilfe e. V.” presents various German HD specialists talking about HD Basics, Care, Mental Health, Strategies from a legal perspective, HD Research process and participation. Feel free to share your experiences and ask your questions during the discussion groups on topics like At Risk – what to do? General Situation, HD Websites, Research by young people, Non-medical information and Living with the genetic testing result. Dr. Ed Wild from London (Neurologist and HDBuzz chief editor) will be there to give the hottest News on HD research. The program is available now and the registration is open! Take your chance to be one of the 50 participants and register until February 10, 2014! Program: http://www.huntington-hilfe.de/files/2013/Jugendkonferenz2014-Programm.pdf Registration: http://www.huntington-hilfe.de/files/2013/Jugendkonferenz2014-Anmeldung.pdf Location: Jugendgaestehaus Duderstadt -> http://www.djo-niedersachsen.de/duderstadt/

German Youth Representative

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