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An Introduction to HDYO’s News Team

January 10, 2015

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

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January 1, 2015


This message is to let our account holders know that over the next year you will begin receiving regular updates from HDYO regarding all things HD with the creation of the HDYO News Team!

At HDYO, we feel we’ve been a little quiet with our account holders in the sense that we’ve not sent many updates to you all in our time as an organization. We are quite aware of this, however, and we’ve been working on ways to change our silence with something substantial that will be of benefit to the HD community. We’ve decided that we’d like to fill that void in communications by essentially creating a news team that will provide the latest HD news from around the world in regular monthly updates for our users. We believe that HDYO, with its global focus, is in a position where we can provide the HD community with news that will be of interest for many. You might say that HDYO is now in a position of responsibility where it should be providing news updates from the community and keeping our members informed in the best possible way. That is what we hope to do with the creation of the news team. If the news updates we produce can inspire, educate, produce hope, build resilience and improve people’s understanding of HD then we are creating a valuable service through this initiative.

Who will be writing these articles? Well, in keeping with HDYO tradition, the news team is entirely made up of young volunteers, most of whom impacted by HD. We’ve been training young people over the past couple of months to write news articles. We already have a team of several news reporters, who will be conducting interviews with many people among the HD community over the coming months and years as we begin to deliver news articles on various topics within HD including research, fundraising, youth support, advocacy, awareness and much more. The news team will also include articles from myself about what we’re doing at HDYO, as well as special articles from guest writers! If anybody is interested in becoming a part of the news team or perhaps writing a guest article please get in touch by emailing me at matt@hdyo.org

So in summary, watch this space! In 2015 we will start releasing news articles through the HDYO news team and I very much hope that you will find these articles insightful and an excellent addition to what HDYO currently offers. That is our goal. If you find the articles boring or not understandable we’d appreciate the feedback as we will work to improve! We strive to be easy to understand.

On a separate note I’d like to finish by saying Happy Holidays to all of you!

Project Coordinator & Founder

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