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HDYO Land Launches!

January 2, 2016

Huntington's Disease Youth Organization

HDYO has more information about HD available for young people, parents and professionals on our site:


December 31, 2015


HDYO’s brand new children’s educational project, HDYO Land, launches today! Filling a gap in resources for children to learn about HD in an appropriate way.

HDYO Land is HDYO’s most expensive educational project, and it is our first big project aimed specifically for children. Educational materials to help children learn about HD are in short supply globally, HDYO Land aims to well and truly fill that gap for families and children impacted by HD.

HDYO Land is an interactive program that aims to engage with children and support their learning of HD from a young age. We know from research that young people cope better with HD when they are educated on the condition earlier in life. HDYO Land provides a resource for families that will make talking about HD with their children much easier, by providing children a fun way to learn about HD.

Explore HDYO Land with your children! You will have the choice to visit 5 different areas of HDYO Land, each one educating on a different aspect of HD. The areas will feature charismatic characters, varied locations, voice actors, illustrations, animations as well as some hidden item quests for the children (and older ages) to engage in as they learn about HD.

HDYO Land map

In each are the characters will use their surroundings to creatively and simply explain parts of HD to children in ways they can connect with at their level. We want children to come away from HDYO Land feeling happy and with a basic understanding of how HD works that will put them in a good position moving forwards to understand and cope with what’s happening in their family. We also want HDYO Land to encourage discussion of HD in families, with children feeling able to ask questions to their family members as or after they explore HDYO Land.

We really hope you find HDYO Land a fantastic resource for you and your family, and that using it with your children helps them cope with HD in their lives. We’ve worked very hard to create a resource for families to use with their children, explaining HD to children is never easy for parents/guardians, HDYO Land is here to make that whole process easier for everyone. We would love your feedback on the program, you will find HDYO Land on our website’s homepage and in our kids section. Enjoy!

Find out more and visit HDYO Land

Matt Ellison
News Team Reporter


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